Welcome to my new website!

Roughly 6 months ago my website went down. To no avail, I tried on and off to recover it. Once I realized that it could not be recovered, I knew it had to be rebuilt. Originally using word press 4 years earlier, I had forgotten how to use word press. After many nights of getting things to work I realized that relearning word press and rebuilding the website with would take me more time than I had to commit. After looking around at different platforms, I settled on Square Space and they did not disappoint! 

I have made some significant changes to my website. Firstly, the conceptual projects no longer spell out what they are about. In place of the reasoning behind the series I wrote about what made it special while shooting it and some of the good stories that happened during the shoots. 

I have added some new work to my website. There is a new photograph in Grace: The fallen. I have also added several photographs to my ongoing series Hallucinations Of Our Imagination. Stay tuned in the next week for casting calls for projects that I want to get off the ground!