Responsibility To Upcoming Artists

      This past Sunday I found myself at my local pub, The Richmond Arms selling my photography with other local artists. The shows are put together by a local artist Juan Ramirez ( ) who puts together shows every other month. Durring this show A young woman kept coming up to me and talking about photography. She mentioned several times that she wanted to get a camera for Christmas and start learning photography. As she was leaving I was looking at a photograph I had taken many years ago. This young woman reminded me of Kristi, The woman in the photograph I had given to her. 

      When we all get into art we get into it because we want to emulate beautiful art we see, at that point you have great taste but you don't have the technical skill to recreate the beautiful images that you see. All you need to be is tenacious. If you stick it out long enough to learn the technical side you will get to be where you want to be. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by great artists and saw my vision, giving me support and direction when I needed it. As artists it is our duty to help, support and guide young artists who are coming up. 

     When I gave this young woman the print it was crudley wrapped with the saying "Follow your dreams on the front" I for one hope that she does. I have seen what she is doing with a phone camera and I am excited to see what she does with a proper DSLR in her hands. 

Welcome to my new website!

Roughly 6 months ago my website went down. To no avail, I tried on and off to recover it. Once I realized that it could not be recovered, I knew it had to be rebuilt. Originally using word press 4 years earlier, I had forgotten how to use word press. After many nights of getting things to work I realized that relearning word press and rebuilding the website with would take me more time than I had to commit. After looking around at different platforms, I settled on Square Space and they did not disappoint! 

I have made some significant changes to my website. Firstly, the conceptual projects no longer spell out what they are about. In place of the reasoning behind the series I wrote about what made it special while shooting it and some of the good stories that happened during the shoots. 

I have added some new work to my website. There is a new photograph in Grace: The fallen. I have also added several photographs to my ongoing series Hallucinations Of Our Imagination. Stay tuned in the next week for casting calls for projects that I want to get off the ground!